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The Entire CD!




Each song is complete and in mp3 format. Feel free to burn a CD (for personal use only, all other rights reserved). Remember, if you click on a file and it streams but is not saved, click here and scroll down the page for instructions on saving mp3 files. To purchase an actual CD, see below.  

The Evidence is also available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon downloads.  Why would you purchase music that is here for free?  Well, mostly to be supportive of the artist  (that would be me).  Consider purchasing a track or two as a virtual coin in the hat of the street musician....

Here are the free tracks in mp3 format:


The American Way

You Ran

Tuesday Mourning

Help Me Make It Through This Day

Traveling Show

The Evidence

Do Your Still Believe I'm Innocent?

I'm In The Mood for a Conversation

As Flowers Turn

If Every Word

Can't Close My Eyes

An Old Played Out Scene


And here are the graphic files for the insert.. I'll give you those too!

Evidence Cover Insert

Evidence Back Insert


Read Dick Upson's review of "The Evidence" in his Blues, Soul, Rock n Roll Blog at BlogSpot at 


And, you know, if you don't think capitalism is all that bad, you might consider ordering the actual CD or purchasing the album or individual tracks on iTunes or Amazon. Why would you do that, when I just gave you the whole damn thing for free? Well, I can think of a couple of reasons:

  1. My wife physically gets ill whenever I bring a new guitar or effects box or pre-amp into the house. "I need it," I say. "We can't afford it!" she says. Help me afford it.

  2. The downloadable version of this CD is in mp3 format, which as we all know, is pretty good, but it ain't CD quality. The CD is...ready for this...CD quality! (Weak, I know. So go back to number one).

  3. Supporting my silly efforts helps me defray the cost of hosting this site. This site has no other revenue stream. My fellow musicians are not charged anything, the visitors are not, and I haven't yet been clever enough to figure out how to seduce paying advertisers (but, boy, when I do, NOTHING is sacred. Oh, Google, where are you?)

  4. I could write you a pathetic little thank-you note, thereby personalizing our interaction and leaving you with a forever worthless keepsake.

Have I convinced you? If so, simply send a check or money order for US $10 to Scott Allen, PO BOx 7307, Cumberland, RI 02864 (for overseas, send me a message via the feedback form and we'll work something out.)... or visit iTunes or Amazon.


Listener Feedback....

Most of Scott's songs are filled up with inspiration and love which reminded me of Songkla, Thailand,one of Vietnamese Boat camp in 1980. I was Scott's interpreter and one of Vietnamese refugees who were listening and looking at Scott with his guitar. His IF EVERY WORD, DO YOU STILL BELIEVE IN INNOCENT are IN THE MOOD FOR A CONVERSATION. Amazing!!! - Xinh

You're there Scott! I love every song on the CD. I'm hearing a lot of John Lennon words and a lot of George Harrison music, some Dylan, and a couple other greats, but definitely a lot of original Scott Allen. You certainly have my interest. I listen to The Evidence and New Africa Road almost daily. Loooooooove them both. Can't wait for the next! Joanne

Scott, you are AMAZING. Finally got around to listening to “The Evidence” and the verdict is in. You are sentenced to bring your guitar with you next to you visit and perform live for “the family.” You have no right to appeal.- George

I think I may need to purchase the CD due to the fact I only have dial-up (buffering stinks). But please spare the "forever worthless keepsake" (you know, the pathetic little thank you note)Scott, you do have alot to offer! Anxious to hear the CD! Don't sell yourself so short!! Great to see your back!!!! Karen

I really like "Do You Still Believe I'm Innocent?" "You Ran" and especially "Can't Close My Eyes." Sheila

Hi Scott, I am downloading the music now, I am so excited! Long time since I was little and you had a Beatles poster on your bedroom door in Canton. (I will write again once I have heard the music). Best, Hope

Scott!!!!!!!! These songs are wonderful. I cannot believe that you do this from home. I am absolutely amazed at all that you do. Just when I think that you have shown me all of your sides, you surprise me. Nassir and I loved the songs. I think that "Help Me Make it Through This Day" is my favorite, and may well become my mantra. Feel free to print this comment for your records as I will never offer such gushing praise in person!!!! Michelle

Cool, Scott! I had no idea! I'm listening to the first cut--it sounds great!!--Brian

Hey! This is great! - Jody

You are amazing Scott...what an inspiration- Linda

Scottie, these are terrific. Putting a check in the mail for the actual CD. xo A.

I guess this the "evidence" that you hsave not been working all these years at the house of corrections. Rather, you have been composing (I use the term very loosely) this "music." Then you have the gall to put out to the general public and beg for money. Your poor wife. Will she ever recover from the shame? Elliot

Scott, I am so sorry that it took me this long to finally listened to all your songs. You are an amazing human being, Scott, Brother. Keep it up! I cannot forget what has been a blessing that God had brought us together in the Refugee Camp, Thailand. We most have been born to be a life-time-friend. We will meet again Cambodia? Chansokhy



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Last revised: January 21, 2006

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