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Contemporary Folk/Rock Songster

   Scott Allen

Scott's style is a mix of contemporary rock and folk..topical songwriting that bears the influences of

Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, John Hiatt, Bruce Springsteen and John Lennon.


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NOW AVAILABLE! The Complete New CD, The Evidence, for your downloading pleasure.

The songs below include some cuts off The Evidence, but to get the entire CD in mp3 format, or to order the CD, click on the above picture or here.


Tuesday Mourning (3.4 MB mp3 file) off The Evidence CD

Tuesday Mourning (streaming) 

Artist Comment: I was looking for that slightly sloppy bar band feel to this high energy number about life within the walls of a state correctional facility.

Listener Comments

I absolutely love your music!!!!!!

Enjoyed all of these songs immensely. Evokes alot of emotion yet at the same time is upbeat. Very impressive!! Looking forward to more!

Sounds great-Tuesday Mourning. I'm online trying to stay awake for the Leonid showers due in at 1 AM- this is great listening to the same tune as in your studio!


  Traveling Show(6.7 MB mp3 file) off The Evidence CD

Traveling Show(streaming) 

Artist Comment: A "road song" from a slightly different perspective. I was happy with the arrangement.


Listener Comments

Great song, done well ... I couldn't get to your website to learn your play schedule, I'd heard about you and would like to attend one of your shows ... do you have a email distribution list?

Absolutely wonderful! Loved it!

There is so much space in the music - it is really delicate and beautiful!

I was most impressed with the simplicity of the chord selection which in turn allowed the artist to tell his story. Very Powerful imagery.


  An Old Played Out Scene(6.7 MB mp3 file) off The Evidence CD

An Old Played Out Scene(streaming) 

Artist Comment: A "road song" from a slightly different perspective. I was happy with the arrangement.

Listener Comments

Takes me back to my college days.

      My Wandering Eye (3.7 MB mp3 file) also off the New Africa Road Album

My Wandering Eye (streaming)

Artist Comment: The thing that made this track click was that steel guitar track so skillfully laid down by the Mississippi Delta steel man, Mr. Forrest Parker. The song was recorded in Clarksdale, MS


Listener Comments


I actually listened to all of them. Just wanted to say that I did enjoyed them! I know it's not right to compare one artist with another, because each has it's own individuality,but I sensed a a real "James Taylor" feeling in the songs, and that is meant as a compliment. Good Job...

Interesting mix; Country meets Stevie Nicks and the Beatles.


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