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Contemporary Folk/Rock Songster

   Scott Allen


Scott in Laurel, MS 1991

Mississippi Marriage (1991)


Mississippi Marriage was recorded between 1989 and 1991 in Pawtucket, RI. The CD, mastered and released in 1991, coincided with Scott and Emma's marriage which took place that Spring in Laurel, MS. The song "When You Are Ready" was played at their wedding reception.

The CD is available for purchase: For a CD, send a check or money order for US $10 payable to Scott Allen, PO Box 7307, Cumberland, RI 02864 (For overseas, send me a note with a return email address via the feedback section- we'll work something out).

Some full songs are offered below in mp3 format for free.


Song List

Mississippi Marriage mp3

When You Are Ready mp3

Oh, Elese

Loving You mp3

Good Things Will Come

We All Will Fall mp3


Tell Me What You See

I Find It Hard To Be Still

There's So Much To Be Done


C'mon, Emma

Daddy's Home


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