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What's New?

The following is a list of the major changes to this web over the last few years, with the most recent changes shown first:

1-1-13  milomusic exceeded it's bandwidth allowance (and was subsequently upgraded) to handle the 20 GB of downloads per month.  Top songs are downloaded over 5000 times per year.

11-18-08  milomusic logs in over 30,000 individual visits annually, with over 100,000 hits.  Top songs downloaded over 1000 times a year.

1-31-07 Scott switches to NVu for site editing.  It's open source and free!  Monthly visitors exceed 3500, with a peak of 4000.  Total visitors since founding of the site is over 120,000.

3-20-05 A Milestone event: The entire CD, The Evidence, by milomusic's host, Scott Allen, is placed online, for free downloading by visitors (for personal use). Since its inception, over 80,000 visitors have come by

3-18-05 Last year (2004) 17, 125 visitors came to and downloaded our song files. Most popular downloads of the eyar were Carousel by Folks Together (1289 times), Tuesday Mourning by your host, Scott Allen (713 times), Wishing Well by Michael Khouri (680 times), One Way Out by Les Hubbard, (668 times), Tu Demeures Dans Mon Coeur by Kari Tieger (648 times). Visitors came from over 80 countries around the world, with the U.S. leading the pack, but a healthy 189 visits from the French, 175 from the Brits, 158 Canadians and 149 Germans, but visitors have come from all corners of the world, including Korea, Japan, Thailand and China.
2-26-04 Last Year (2003) 14,188 visitors dropped by and downloaded over 5 GB of free music. The most popular downloads were Crazy in the Night by Folks Together (1109 mp3's and 74 RealAudio's), Wishing Well (799 mp3's and 92 RealAudio's) by Michael Khouri, and Tell Me, Please (526 mp3's and 90 RealAudio's) by Kari Tieger. Total visitors to the site since it's inception is over 70,000.
11-30-02 As of this date over 50,000 visitors have visited since its inception. Music has been downloaded from all over the world.
Two new artists added to milomusic: singer/songwriter Les Hubbard and The Fontaine Family.
milomusic featured within a Band Spotlight feature on aritist and founder Scott Allen in the Providence Journal the major statewide newspaper in Rhode Island.
Two brand new songs posted on Scott Allen's page.
We welcome Becky Chace to milomusic.
We welcome Lugo to milomusic.
Music To My Ears...milomusic gets attention in the October/November issue of Blink magazine- sent to all Sprint/Earthlink members.
milomusic is incorporated.
We welcome Forrest Parker to the page with his down home raw blues original recording, Baptized, straight from the Mississippi delta.
We welcome Kari Tieger to milomusic.


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